I am working to understand the universal matter in all of us. My process explores some part of the whole, and finds ways to reconnect to it.  Consistently fascinated by recurring pattern development in every matter based closed system, I study how natural elements so consistently organize themselves and share commonalities between systems: micro to macro and energetic to physical. 

My work is intended to be viewed outside the scope of convention, remixing and combining the disciplines of
painting, sculpture, light and sound into one expansive and interpersonal experience.

This work activates systems that allow multiple media elements to integrate. The specks and fragments of the whole become interchangeable -- often informing the process. Without clunky words or scientific hypotheses, my practice engages in visual and auditory discussion of these universal concepts and explores their fundamental meaning.

I invite viewers to interact with and experience the boundlessness of the work in an attempt to reflect on where their bodies and worlds end, and others begin.