• BA Anthropology/BFA University of Hawaii 2001


  • American Museum of Ceramic Arts (Studio), Pomona, CA, 2019

  • Cuevas Tilleard, Lamu, Kenya, 2017

Select Showings and Installations

  • Archaeillogical (3 person installation) Oct 2019 Z-Ranch, Marfa, TX

  • Seattle Art Fair, Seattle, WA, Aug 2019 Timothy Yarger Fine Art

  • Art Aspen, Aspen, CO, July 2019 Timothy Yarger Fine Art

  • Market Art + Design, Bridgehampton, NY, July 2019 Timothy Yarger Fine Art

  • LA Art Show, Los Angeles, CA, Jan 2019 Sergott Contemporary

  • Context, Miami, FL, Dec 2018 Sergott Contemporary

  • The Street and the Shop (group show) Dec 2018 Tin Flats, Los Angeles, CA

  • Pleased to Meet Me (group show) Dec 2016 Torquato project space, Los Angeles, CA

  • Panthalassa X COP (group show) Aug 2016 Providence gallery, Guéthary, France

  • Phase One (group show) Jan 2016 Del Boca Vista project space, Los Angeles, CA

  • Gravitational Autonomy (solo show) Dec 2014 InsightLA Venice, CA

  • Holy Water (2 person show) July 2014 Brakeman Brewery, Los Angeles, CA

  • Expansion (solo show) August 2013 Bahia gallery BCS, MX

  • Family ritual (3 person show) June 2011 Neonchocolate gallery, Berlin, Germany

  • California summer (group show) July 2010 Escape gallery Bordeaux, FR

  • Nomadic daydreams (2 person show), Oct 2009 Culture gallery, San Francisco, CA

  • deer BLN (group show), Feb 2009, Strychnine gallery, Berlin, Germany

  • State of the art (group show) April 2009 Whistler conference center, Whistler, BC

  • Family dinner (3 person show), Sep. 2008 Descarte gallery, Los Angeles, CA

  • Swiv tackle locos show (group show) Dec 2008 Swiv Tackle Circus gallery, Oceanside, CA

  • Old crow grand opening show (group show), Oct 2008 Old crow gallery, Oakland, CA

  • Under the bridge (group show) Dec 2008, Stash gallery, Miami, FL